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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Nov 23, 2021

Its time for Dirt Sheet Radio!!

Its Thanksgiving week in the US and that means it's time for one of WWE's tried and true traditions......

Ruthlessly firing a massive group of wrestlers with no reason given beyond a copy and paste response! 

The guys will discuss this as well as:

-New Japan Pro Wrestling reunites with Pro Wrestling NOAH to save a three day Wrestle Kingdom!!

-The American Dragon's effortless heel turn and continued dominance over AEW has been a treat. The guys break it down and look to the future for Bryan Danielson, Hangman Page and the Dark Order.

- The story of CM Punk finding himself as a wrestler again has finally begun its first major chapter. The long awaited rivalry with MJF. 

-Roman Reigns and Big E SLAPPING BIG MEATY MAN MEAT in the glorious main event of a largely forgettable Survivor Series event. 

-"LEAVE JR ALONE" In defense of Jim Ross, his commentary and his horny online presence.

This and all previous episodes of DSR can be streamed everywhere podcasts are available.