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Dirt Sheet Radio: a Wrestling podcast

Aug 2, 2022

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The Triple H era begins with the very first post Vince McMahon PPV.. PLE?.. event. Summerslam! The DSR crew will review the event as well as the fallout episode of RAW which was said to be a "statement" episode. Ric Flair has strutted to the ring for one last time in an absolutely horrifying display of spectacle. Triple H has already begun mending fences as he's reportedly convinced Sasha Banks and Naomi to return to the WWE! Is this the best move these woman could've made? Who else can Triple H lure back to the company?

AEW drops an episode of Dynamite that can stand as an example of how much the storytellers in the company have matured over the last three years

NJPW and STARDOM create a women's division in New Japan Pro Wrestling! Will the STARDOM girls and their promotion actually benefit from this??